The Beans Hit Venice Beach, California


The Free Beans project has arrived in full force as a set of 24 to Venice Beach, California. I decided to entitle the expedition as Light My Fire as a tribute to Jim Morrison and The Doors.

Venice Beach presented itself to me in all its glory on friday May 29, 2015. It was a perfect 70 degrees and sunny day with a packed boardwalk filled with both tourist and locals alike. I connected to the abstract vibe within seconds and I knew I was experiencing creative energy of high voltage.

I am not sure which edition number piece it was but early in the round I came across a fantastically bizarre wheel chair and proceeded to sneak a Beans shot in front of it and soon came to find one of the common phenomenons in this environment. Within a split second a very localized character emerged and proceeded to ask me for a donation in trade for snapping the picture in front of his chariot. I told him I was not interested but that I had left him a gift in trade and that I hope it would be a fair deal. Without waiting for a reply I turned and began to walk away. I did not make it to ten paces when he said in a loud voice “Hey, I accept… this is f***ing awesome.” I smiled as I continued to walk without even turning around as if merely looking back would somehow spoil the moment.

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