Estableciendo (Setting Forth) Exhibit

Estableciendo Exhibit

14th December 5-9pm

1010 South Coast Highway 101

Encinitas, California

A couple of moths ago a very good friend let me know that he has control of a very well located and beautiful space in Encinitas which was vacant and not being used. This space I speak of is none other than the old Union Cowork space in the 1010 South Coast Highway 101 building in Encinitas, California.

After visiting I came to realize that I had many times pressed my face against these empty windows and wondered why such a wonderful space had been left vacant for so long and why was it not for lease in such an active market as is the downtown sector of Encinitas.

Why don’t you do a show? he asked, and that is how the whole thing started. Sure, why not? I answered. Just like that I had full access to the space and I began to fabricate the surfaces necessary to curate a solid art exhibition.

The collection is entitled: Estableciendo (Setting Forth) and it is comprised of 9, 8×4 foot paintings made with acrylic paint on stretched canvas.


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