Making A Difference

Three years ago through a series of events I came to find out that the people in my favorite city in the world, Copan Ruinas, are in the process of forgetting their powerful past due to lack of funding.

Copan Ruinas, Honduras, is where a massive amount of Maya hieroglyphics are preserved in time. What sets our city apart from the rest of the Maya epicenters of Central America and Mexico is purely one of natural selection. The stones available to the Maya of Copan have been proven to withstand the weather and yet they are malleable enough to allow its artists to compose transcendent designs and through these transcribe their history with the intent to pass it on to the future generations.

The sculptures have survived, but its people no longer have the ability to read them. And it is because of this illiteracy that they are not able to know that once upon a time our people were the most refined, the most astute and the most advanced people on the planet. Yes, we were still humanly imperfect in every way, but yet we were achieving in a grand scale. And if we did it once then we can do it again!

I would like to announce the we have began the fight against this injustice. We have partnered up with Casita Copan and we have began a roots effort to teach the kids the importance of Mayan Studies.

Please help us continue this fight… to find out how you can help:


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